I cannot believe it has been 5 years. God, I missed this.

Too much has happened, and I mean too much. And quite frankly, I missed that time when too much evolved into nothing. And so this is where I am now — point null, zero, the empty space in which rational and irrational meet.

So, today I’m trying to finish my thesis RRL. Initially my deadline was tomorrow but I guess the universe refuses that I finish it soon, so I moved it to thursday. haha Basta hopefully before the break I could pass my RRL + Phase 1 R&D. Malay natin baka bored si Ma’am di ba :))

Anyway, as I was in the middle of hoarding all related journals to my thesis topic from Science Direct c/o the CHE lib, bigland nagtweet si Mela, 88 pesos basefare ng lahat ng domestic flights ng CebuPac. So bilang ako ay scientist at curious, I checked it out. And spent 2 hours reserving flights for Cebu and Beijing. HAHAHA SORRY NA OKAY.

When I was done doing so, I took 4 books out for overnight use and headed to the main lib. Kasi there’s this one reference material I need that’s here + I could stay here up to 9pm :)

Anyway, mi MBP ran out of batt na rin, so I had to charge. Eh di ba the outlets here are the ones in the middle lang. I found one available sa last table. In return, look what found me:

Well, there is still after all, 5 hours to 9pm. Not to mention 2 days to thursday. HAHAHAHA SORRYYYYY!

Oh, I almost forgot. Another reason why I’ve been so negligent here is that, I have a new blog. It’s poignant and pathetic and icky and well, it’s for you.

…because I guess it’s time to admit it to myself how much I quietly and achingly like you. All the words I write at the back of my notebook, all the songs I play in my iPad, all the lines I highlight in my favorite novels, all the fortunes in cookies, the stars in the sky, the songs on repeat, the coins on fountains and wishes during 11:11, these letters — they’re all for you.

You, who leave me speechless, lacking in adjectives, morphemes, lexemes — whatever those you mean. You, who make everyday bearable amidst the routine I’m slightly growing tired of. You, who make all my creative juices for fiction work. You, who make me disregard the rules of syntax and grammar just so I can put into words the feelings I couldn’t repress coming alive during times of idleness as you occupy my mind alone.

You and only you.

You, who might, sorta, kinda, like me too.

How charot. hahaha I’ll publish it next year orrr hrm haha

Photo credit: Relans Photography x PhotoEffects

Everyone’s posting creative shots na :( But then I know that now isn’t the time for me to do so yet. lolz

This isn’t the actual photo though. Well, it is, part of it + distortion haha In other words, ganito kadistorted ang concept ng graduating this April, for me sa ngayon HAHAHA

Anyway, I haz 10 copies up for grabs. 200 isa :) Works well, I must say. Hindi na pumapasok yung daga sa kwarto ko :))

About creative shots. For me it’s about who you are/wish to be in another life. Sino ako? Abangaaan. hahahaha

…and you’re never going to know any of this because I can’t stand the thought of you rejecting me. I would prefer to watch you hand in hand with a thousand girls that aren’t me than to hear that we will never be together. I’m going to keep pretending that I don’t like you like that because as long as I am, I can pretend that maybe one day you will like me like that too.

– Kat George

Photo credit: 9gag

So yknow where I am when I’m not updating here :)) I have an entire folder of 9gag posts very dear to my heart, actually. Those I would have reblogged if I had Tumblr. Those I would have shared if I was some loser in Facebook frantically wanting for some comment like “b*tch please, we’ve all seen this already in 9gag”

One day I will post each of them. Or I shall not.

Anyway about this one. Eyes left on the title, this post actually did jumpstart my day. I woke up from a bad dream. No wait, it wasn’t that bad. It’s just. Hrm, alam mo yung feeling mong feeling ng parents whenever their children point out their mistake?

Well, that’s how the dream was. My subconscious pointing out my conscious mistakes.

Whatever. Goodmorning :)