Back and Foreword

If blogs were boyfriends, then I’d be such a player. Three at a time, or a new one quite quarterly — when everything starts falling apart, I leave and wait for the world to get better for me. Then by the time I realize that it won’t, call me whatever, but as this blog and the so many that preceded back up this statement, I crawl back with the innate need to share my musings, stories, and just recently, photographs.

So yes, I haz a new blog, happy new year! haha

First and foremost, this blog will not be in pure English, hopefully to spare murder of the language. Second, the pictures of and by me are no more than futile attempts of a noob, so be gentle. And lastly, if you dislike what you see in here, I suggest site abstinence.

So there. I still have so much kwento but school starts in two days and I am dead meat. RRL, Y U NO FULLY GRASP THE MEANING OF VACATION?

2011, let’s do this!


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