A/Un Ordinary Day

Today is 1.11.11. AWSM, right? I mean, how often is every digit in the date the same?

But then begs the question, what’s so great about being Janelle that we have to be commemorated in whatever timezone, for every 11th day of the Gregorian calendar?

For one, we don’t have to believe in New Year’s Resolutions, hence the lack of mention in this blog. Why? We Janelles of the world, are perfect na kasi eh. Bruno Mars said so — there’s not a thing that we should change, ‘cos we’re amazing just the way we are. NAAAAT hahahaha

SRSLY, napakaconceited ko naman to answer that question or even forward a plea into the argument. For some reason — beyond rational and intellectual — my parents named me Janelle and voila, JANuary E11Even. Umeepal lang. hahaha


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