Myth of the Human Body

…and this my friends, is what you call a stolen shot :) bawal kasing mag-take ng pictures. HAHA pero mind you, that picture represents the entirety of the exhibit. haha

So, basically, Myth of the Human Body is some human corpse exhibit translating the 12 Greek deities to human anatomy. (Hades = Circulatory System, Dionysus = Digestive System, Heracles = Muscular System, Poseidon = Respiratory System, Eros = Reproductive System, Zeus = Nervous System and so on.)

Ewan kung bakit ganun yung concept. God & Human daw eh. Siguro at some point, through deeper understanding of the intricate human system is how the medical people gain the ability to sometimes play God? And we could do that too by connecting such structures to physiological functions? Ewan. haha

It was boooring. haha yknow how much I hate Bio, right? Pero cool na medyo creepy kasi real corpses yung ginamit. Plinasticize ganun, so hindi amoy formaline of some sort. HAHA pero meron din doon, yung isang buong human nerve connection for realz — AHMMMAAAAZING O_O

Basta, my brain is entirely in mush right now, know more about it here.


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