EPIC-urean kilig

This morning holds time responsible for the most eventful moment in my so-called love life (or lackness thereof).

So there I was, feasting my eyes on such a wide selection of organic products and exploiting free tastes of gustatory delights. Then, almost immediately, at the sight of a familiar face, my heart sunk, my hands involuntarily started shaking and my stomach dropped: holy crap, it’s Anton Diaz.

I read his blogs all the time. And to say that I love them would be an understatement — it was his blogs that started my whole love affair with gastronomy. And standing there, breathing almost the same air that he breathes, it’s like, eternal fascination with a new set of eyes — it’s the same person you’ve been stalking and admiring from your laptop screen, but then the real life experience hits you in completely different places. OMAYGALIIII.

At first I was content with taking just a paparazzi shot of him, because that is after all who I am: lost when certain key points in life transpire — What to feel? What to do What to say? WHAT?

But then I thought to myself, SRSLY signorina Janelle, this is not the time to chicken out.

This is the moment that I have been waiting for. If my life were a drama show, this scene cues the dramatic situation of epic piano riffs, goosebump-inducing chorus, and melancholic final chords. I SHOULD NOT LET THE SCREEN JUST FADE TO BLACK.

So I mustered the courage to walk up to him:

Janelle: Hi, aren’t you Mr. OurAwesomePlanet?
Mr. OurAwesomePlanet: Why yes I am, hello :)
Janelle: I am such a big fan, can I have my picture taken with you? I’ll post it in my blog. hehe
Mr. OurAwesomePlanet: But of course, what’s your name nga?
Janelle: Janelle po hihi
*mommy clicks the shutter*

Janelle: Thank you po so much ♥
Mr. OurAwesomePlanet: Anytime :) Nakaikot na ba kayo? You should try the grills, they’re AWSM.

And I just had to blog this because the Media Player cramped up in my neurotic mind keeps on rewinding this morning’s larger-than-life instrumental background-laden, ending montage scenes :P


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