Yep, you guessed it right, I’m at my third place right now :) I just finished writing the first part of our Technobiz Idea Challenge proposal (that is due 1PM later today HAHA). So that’s one thing I can cross-out from my List of Things I Still Need to Accomplish Before This Semester Ends.

Okay, about the list. I made one in the attempt of making my life a little less chaotic and a little more efficient — so that I get to see things in plain sight, and I can mentally, emotionally, and physically prepare myself for what’s ahead. Ironically though, as the master of the ability to waste time, writing down the list feels more like the last semblance of control over my life rather than the orifice to it.

Funny, I am running out of time yet time is catching up on me in all aspects of my life.


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