You Wear White and I’ll Wear Out the Words I …. You

It was a new feeling, seeing him again after 10 years. His corny joke was playing in the background. But somehow, in the Media Player inside her head, it was Train providing the score to that moment.

Her lips kept the cheerful concavity constant. He looks at her direction. He smiles.

And she swears to have him wear the same smile beside her on their wedding day.


PS: Please don’t try to find out who he is. Because then you just might, and she’s not really ready when that happens. If you must know, they’ve been together for almost a year now. The secret to being able to keep it that long? Easy. She keeps the relationship unknown to him. HAHA You see, boys could barely handle their penmanship, how much more for a relationship? :P Her lips are sealed to anything beyond that.


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