Since I haven’t posted anything here for two days or so, I know, you missed me. HAHA So to save you from all the gooey longingness, here is an incoherent update on the whaddup of my brilliant life:

(1) I skipped my saturday extrams last uhm, saturday? Because I decided to study for my exam (that was this morning) so that I could kick some electromagnetic ass. Fortunately or unfortunately, I kick/ed heavy metal ass harder. HAHAHAHA

[Back story: Instead of studying, I let mom drag me along to GHSC — and it was soooo worth it. She got me JLA + Angry Birds nerd + Zombie shirts +++ Guitar Hero +++ Wii Balance Board :D :D :D Actually, the latter two are for my younger sister and brother, respectively. Pero conjugal naman kasi ‘yung ownership :)) Then we had dinner at Bellissimo Ristorante (romantic ambiance + crappy poser Italian food). Tapos ayun ang fun, fun, fun lang talaga ng life kasi Guitar Hero na all the waaaay. Nagkakakalyo na nga ang aking mga kamay from rocking NAAT HAHAHA Whoever said money can’t buy happiness are buying the wrong things.]

(2) Lunch is currently my most favorite part of the day. Dun lang kasi talaga ako allowed kumain ng matino :( ‘Cos I’m on a diet :( ‘Cos I hafta be hot by the first week of March. HAHAHA

(3) My thesis is, uhm.

(4) A lot of people constantly disappoints me lately. Surprisingly, I am proud to say that I am handling it quite well. I guess I really am learning how to let things go when you have to.

(5) And that means letting go of Mr. Darcy of my buhay too :( Just because, IT’S POINTLESS to have the most intense feelings of love towards people who has little no interest in loving you back.

(6) I am currently in lust with ivory keys. HAHA NAAT Tntry ko lang magkatalent okay — since Guitar Hero does not count. Plus, para mapakinabangan naman yung organ dito sa bahay. As of present, I have mastered The Minuet by J.S Bach HAHAHAHAHA

(7) I have limited myself to browsing Facebook only during Mondays. Simply because, there is also a life with a capital L I have to keep up with over everyone else’s online existence.

(8) I’ll be honest when I say that I still don’t know where my life is headed. Still waiting for an answer, but at least I’m getting by. It’s just that I like efficiency, and I would really like to have a solution by now. But I’ll wait. I will wait for it like how the awesomeness that is Barney Stinson, asks me to. Because as he speaks it, it’s going to be no less than legendary :)


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