Life On Hold

Dear Future Offspring,

Today has been toxic, really toxic. The next ones aren’t going to get any better either, maybe even worse. The semester is coming to a close, yet your mom doesn’t feel a sense of relief washing over her just yet. She just really wishes for this semester to end already but alas, there is still a hell lot of things to do.

Sometimes, yes, it can be really frustrating, but please do not worry as your mom has been surprisingly successful in keeping it together — even if most of the time she is stuck in the point of complete and total stagnation.

Right now, your mom is in the process of writing her Special Project for her Research class. She will be presenting it in front of Dr. Maria Patricia V. Azanza, probably one of the best professors she’ve had in UP, and despite the constant anxiety attacks brought upon by their meetings, your mom is determined to prove that she deserves being in that class.

With all fear of her pride being crushed down to pieces as Dr. Azanza tears down her SP,



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