Fearless, for the First Time :)

photo taken from Cheska’s Tumblr

Cheska taught me how to crochet today, and pretty much like acads, I FAILED MISERABLY at it :))

Pero, hindi lang naman yun yung ginawa ko today :P Talk about incoherence with reference to the photo HAHAHA

Well, I rode the bus today (*cue in country music*) for the first time! And I went to Quiapo today, for the first time! HAHAHAHA IT WAS SO FAAAAHN! I was with Nikki and Cheska :) Though wala naman talaga akong nabili haha buuut, NAGPUNTA KAMI SA HIDALGO STREET ♥ IDK why pero kapag nakakakita ako ng cameras lately, may parang kakaibang element na nagfflow sa dugo ko, parang magic. HAHA Now, that’s weird. Pero it’s true! Hindi ‘yung tipong 24/7 I crave for shooting, pero ‘pag nakakakita na ako ng camera, I CAN’T HELP BUT WANT TO CLICK THAT SHUTTER, SENSELESS. GAAAASH. Tapos we went to Gateway. Nag-lunch, Nikki went to her interview, Cheska and I CBTL-ed, then doon na ako tinuruan ni Cheska magcrochet while pondering long and hard kung papasok pa ba kami sa 192, which we did ;)

And I am very proud of me today, kasi:

1. I WAS VERY EFFICIENT. hahaha see how I have the master ability to visit the spectacle where bargain meets bizaare that is Quiapo, have a decent lunch + crochet lessons at Gateway AND NOT MISS ANY OF MY CLASS. hah :P

2. If I haven’t made it clear yet, I RODE THE PUBLIC UTILITY BUS today, aircon and non-aircon (talk about hitting two birds with one stone HAHA)! Wala lang, it was a very nice experience :) Kahit na it was very bumpy, kahit na with public transportation comes great walking distances. It felt good. It was memorable. Maybe it had something to do with doing it for the first time, or maybe it was having two of your best buddies beside you, through it all. Pero kasi, in the course of my ATP-consuming, self-esteem draining, and neuron-degenerating life, very rarely do I get that kind of feeling I had earlier today — fearless going towards where the direction I do not know :)


Note: Please don’t tell my parents about my day today. HAHAHA There is, after all, a reason for first times :P


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