Twisted Sentiments

Dear Future Offspring,

Over the span of living, your mom strongly believes that people do have that tendency to fall in like, a thousand times over. They all count. The first guy your mom ever like liked was someone she knew in third year college. They drove a lot, from here and there, going nowhere, and went out on fridays. Then there’s her metaphorical green tea, and the Mr. Darcy of her buhay.

They are certain people whom you identify how kilig is supposed to feel like.

But then, there will always be that one who does something else — this is the person who unknowingly sets the definition for what you will always like about other people, even if these qualities are self-destructive and unreasonable. This is the person who provides you the closest approximation of everything the sweetest life could conjure. This guy, your mom likes to believe she haven’t even met yet, but, ?

In great suffering of psychological effects following heavy consumption of herbed chicken rolls and conversations with your Auntie Cheska,



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