Let Me Count the Days

Dear Future Offspring,

Today unfolds the final week for your mom’s 2nd semester. So yes, it’s pretty much cram and get everything done week. She regrets to inform you that she is experiencing chronic and innumerable stress at the moment, hence, it may take a while before she goes back to regular programming.

XOXO, Mom.

PS: If you’re wondering why your mom and her classmates had to go through an entire semester just to establish parameters only to find out that there is no significant relationship between this and that (AKA the use of null hypothesis), well, future offspring, it is not because we are pessimistic. Put in mind na mas hindi ka masasaktan kapag in the first place palang, hindi ka na nag-assume ng relationship (applicable in real life hahaha).

PPS: The Japan earthquake/tsunami incident made your mom’s heart go achy breaky. It’s sad, and it’s morbid, and imagine those words unsaid either floating and sinking in the waves :( But that’s just the way it is, the world is damned as we know it. What your mom wants you to learn from all this, is to pray amidst natural calamities.

PPPS: Your mom finds it annoying how people keep exhausting the earthquake/tsunami topic just so they could blab about their incomprehensibly silly lives — what she was doing/who he was with/what sort of shoes they just bought when the news broke off. Just imagine the pain of the disaster being them-centric.


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