Fateful Intersection

Dear Future Offspring,


On a wonderful Thursday morning, your mom arrived in UP just in time for her class. She parked at the left side of the road, the one in between the new NIP building and the Bio building under construction. As she stepped off Cupcake and walked towards the entrance of the NIP building, somebody started singing (and no, not the birds nor the bees),

…when I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change. ‘Cos you’re amazing, just the way you are (followed by a brief introduction on what his name was, which your mom didn’t get).


Your mom didn’t know what to feel at that time. Flattered? Scared? With the need to ridiculously roll on the floor, laughing? But there was only one thought that flashed on her neurotic mind at that time,

“Okay kuya, ikaw na. Ikaw na ang Bruno Mars ng buhay ko.”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SOBRANG BENTA OKAY. Though hindi ko naman masisisi si kuya, amazing naman talaga ako. Even Ma’am Azanza thinks I’m very cute HAHAHAHAHA AKO NAAAA. Anak, napakaswerte mo sa akin =))))))

Then only now have I realized, yuck ang sama pala ng ugali ko kay kuya :(

I should have at least smiled at him and said thank you, or something. Eh kasi, ang sakit kaya sa heart ng ganun, yung kapag hindi ka pinapansin ng someone you think is amazing. HAHAHAHA MAY PINAGDADAANAN PALA =))))

But future offspring, you should know that far from deserving pity from this kind of fate, people who are consummated with the most intense feelings of love towards someone who has little or no interest in loving them back, are indeed, strangely blessed.

For even if there is he and there is she, and they maintain this constant separation from each other, they too, will somehow converge at infinity. And at that far point of fateful meeting, together, they will render no less than images with artistic perspective ;)


The cute and relaxing queen of geometric optics (and isotherm curves gone wild),


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