The Mystical, Magical, Unscientific Way of Interference

She was tired. Of all the tension exponentially increasing as days go by. She was tired of refractions and sinusoidal waves and ray of incidences and of the fact that the only fruits her labor bore were rotten ones. She was tired of worrying about this summer, graduation — the future.

All she wanted was for time to maybe stop for a while and give her something to hold on to — something she can be certain of, before life throws its crap at her.

Lower lip bitten, her eyes closed and as if almost involuntarily, there was downpour. She was tired. Too tired to find strength to push through with her academic battles.

“Oh, bakit ka umiiyak? Gusto mo nang mag-boyfriend?”


And it’s amazing how her sobs were instantaneously converted into giggles from the most mundane of all questions. Hay nako lang talaga mommy x_X


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