BF Lovin’ ♥

Emil: BFN?

Janelle: Best Friend Nikki.

la fotografia di Cheska

Emil: Ah so she’s the BF of J and you’re the BF of N. Nice, nice. BFFJ and BFFN.

Nikki: BFJ and BFN lang. That’s too long.

It started 2 years ago :)) When I shifted to FT. Nikki was like, my super duper classmate >.< I felt compelled to welcome her in my life. HAHAHA

I started calling her BFN, one fine day that I needed to kopya something from her. HAHAHAHA I think it was some micro thingy. (WHAT? You have to be nice to people you’d ask favors from. hahahaha) We became attached to the hip since that.

Numerous academic frustrations, heartbreaks, lunches, chismises, deactivated blogs and  a digital perm after,

la fotografia di Nikki

our BFriendship is still very much sealed ♥

I guess forever isn’t that long, after all :)


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