Mi Chiamo Signorina Janelli

Dear Future Offspring,


One of the things that constantly frustrated your mom was that, even if her first name ended in a vowel, she was far from being Italian.

Why so? Well anak, that’s a really stupid question to ask. WHY NOT LOVE EVERYTHING ITALIAN? Who could not fall for the Italian charm — the good nature of its simplicity, classic definition and the perfect blend of everything fresh and delicious?

Much to your mom’s disappointment, somebody gifted her an Eiffel Tower long chain necklace :/
(Excuse your mom’s very malanding planner hahahaha)

Kidding aside, your mom is eternally grateful for receiving such ;)

It’s just that, while a lot of people would find it weird, your mom isn’t all that in love with French stuff talaga. Of all the things French, isa lang ang naman ang nagustuhan ko — isang French major. CHOS OKAY HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

She may devour herself in the occasional macarons or 5-course meals, she may fancy looking at the designer handbags, but the French eternal perfection just doesn’t appeal to your mom that much. Or maybe it’s because your mom has grown accustomed and extremely fond of a plate of good pasta — one with body and texture and doused with plenty of good vibes, one who is always there through thick and thin, a good friend who regardless of time, fashion, fads, and the weather, just is — something that rather patriotically echo the colors of the Italian flag, and not the French one.


All of a sudden, your mom felt like making Contadina tuloy :( Yes, she has pasta, aglio, olio e peperoncino on hand, but then there is still enough guilt inside her to let death March prevail :(


With two bloody exams tomorrow and a hell lot of things to do, nonetheless is extremely atat to finally scream Arrivederci! to this semester,
la tua mamma


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