Si Puo Fare

Dear Future Offspring,
I write this in relation to my previous absences due to the physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion that school has been inflicting me. I am afraid that such will persist for a few more days. Patience, my dear. For when I come back, I will be filled with stories to tell :)
Love, Mom.
PS: The title translates to It Can Be Done :) Context: YOUR MOM DIDN’T FLUNK PHYSICS 72 OYEA! \o/ Practicum Report + FS 192 nalaaaangAddio il secondo semestre! Salve il Givaudan! :-h

PPS: What your mom wants you to understand from all the drama she has been living with the past few days, is that: no matter how distant it may be, you have to hold on to that one spider thread of hope. There is no assurance, but remember that there is always something to cling upon — the One that gives sense to whatever we are weaving :)


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