Quick Recesses

Dear Future Offspring,

I regret to inform you that as you grow older, summer break will cease to have meaning. The year just becomes divided into school + work days, weekends, and holidays.
But today, today was different. Even if your mom’s vacation was short-lived (1 day? haha), it was hurtling enough to get to relive what it was like to have everything so unhurried and fluid.
What made the difference?

(That’s actually why they call it the main course, sweetheart, you can have them in between desserts :P)

Yea, well, summer may be lounging around somewhere, taking his time before having his presence felt once again, but your mom doesn’t really mind. Because with indulgences like these, and her hollow stomach — that no matter what you put in it, will never be full, your mom could simply drift away :)



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