Primordial Life Plans

Unfortunately, yes, we are blood-related :( haha

“Grabe, in 2 years time, magccollege na ako and I still don’t know what I want out of life.”

Oh, but she is too young to have her quarter-life crisis :P That, coming from her 20-year old ate, graduating by October this year (OO, WITH CONVICTION HAHAHAHA) still without definitive answer to the perennial question: What are you going to be?

Then again, why resign to a pre-conceived fate? Uncertainty is exciting — exploring, learning, asking questions, finding and making answers, whichever way strikes. Ambition is, after all, never having it be good enough.

So here goes my unrelenting optimism: our future is indeterminate, and yes, it’s okay keep it that way :)



CONGRATULATE HERRRR! — the one in the photo above. She kicked off this school year with the highest honors :) *yuck proud ate :/* hahaha


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