The Right to Remain Silent

Okay I’ll skip the custody-related cliches here. Simply put, my cough x sore throat is killing me, and well, my voice has left me :( So there, story of my life :/

But wait, there’s more! In the objective of attaining hastened healing, life has been giving me lots of lemons (+honey) lately. Which brings us to my favorite lemon of all: Happy Lemon! haha

Oh but how could my dying pharynx resist the perfect blend of tart + sweet + chill that is Cocoa Matcha with Brown Sugar Jelly ♥ I had a large cup kanina hehehe

We sort of have this relationship kasi eh. In sickness and in health, ’til hardcore diabetes do us part, ganyan :))

WaIa lang, I remember tuloy this one episode in HIMYM. Sabi ni Lily, when deciding to have a relationship with someone, you have to imagine them growing old with you on your front porch someday.

Oh my Cocoa Matcha with Brown Sugar Jelly, definitely, when I become 60, I will hold you in my right hand — hold you oh so tightly, like I would never let go. You will be there with me, on my front porch, and together, we shall rock — you and I, we shall rock the rocking chair :)

In less convoluted updates:
Yesterday we visited Ajinomoto + Mekeni plant. Everybody was more than appeased about it. I, on the other hand, found it, err, okay :/ Maybe it was just my throat at the verge of exploding, or maybe, just maybe, it’s the universe’s way of assuring me that I really don’t belong to the Food Technology world. Or not — I join the industry by Monday :3 We’ll see. Like I said, my future may be uncertain, but I am more than willing to explore the possibilities of my humble degree — however few or many these may be, until I find something I wouldn’t mind doing forever :) Let’s just hope my voice gets back in time for that :s


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