300 Hours of Summer feat. She-Who-Must-Not-Wear-Heels

21 hours from now, I’ll be an intern at Givaudan, and I hope that means career, but not quite. I’d be driving everyday from Quezon City to Ortigas. I will blow them away with my analytical lab + communicating/reporting skills for 300 hours or so. I will grasp the definition of the real world over lunch breaks in the office pantry — and they won’t be like any discourse in the classroom I ever had, not even close. I intend to wear nude pumps, and shearling trench coats, while perfecting the art of the food industry, alongside bravery and smart ass-ery.

Fine. And so I guess high heels and elaborate clothing isn’t the usual wardrobe choice for those who intern in a development and manufacturing industry. I know, there’d be too much going on a flavor and fragrance lab just to spend 8 hours wearing such, especially in the season of summer.

Blame it on my height. You see me wearing around killer-inch-high heels at any place, in any time, over any mundane reason I could possibly get. It’s because yes, guilty as charged: my self-worth is proportional to my height. Before being the girl who reads, the girl who blogs, the girl who eats, or the ill-experienced girl nevertheless people constantly sought for love and life advices — I was the girl who wore killer-inch-high heels first — and I still very much am!

What is so great about thee? Let me count the ways!

1. Having the chance of showing off your hot shoes — you walk in the hallways then hear people whispering, ay, gusto ko yung shoes niya — and feel proud.
2. You feel all elegant, sophisticated, glamorous and alluring.
3. You hear this click-clacking sound on the floor as you walk, and it makes you want to walk like a model.
4. As you slid your hot, sexy shoes into your dainty toes then to the foot, beautiful lines instantly form from shoe to leg — the heels grasp your slim foot then your calf muscles are firmed and toned, not to mention your buttocks would resemble a pushed-out firm peach.
5. Women in high heels never fail to project boldness, strength, and confidence — operative word: WOMEN :) It takes a woman to walk properly in heels. It takes a woman’s confidence and assurance to be comfortable in them and aware that they are a focus of people’s gazes and glances.

Okay at ang dami ko nang nasabi :/ The whole point is: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GIVAUDAN YOU GLOBAL LEADER OF FLAVORS AND FRAGRANCES, LET ME WEAR HEELS TO WORK HUHUHUUUUUUU T_T Okay lang kahit wag na yung trench coat, ako nang bahalang gumawa ng paraan sa wardrobe ko hehehe

Yes, I am very much aware of the struggles of balancing your feet in them, or that wobbly feeling as you walk to wherever, or the difficulty of climbing up and down the stairs, or that paltos from the back of your shoe. Eh pero kasi, OMG LIGHT BULB MOMENT! ITO ANG TALENT KO — THE ART OF WALKING IN HIGH HEELS! HAHAHAHAHAHA OMGGGGG!

Yes, I know, it’s hard enough to walk around and do normal everyday stuff in the food industry — all the more harder in heels. But unfortunately/fortunately for you, I am not your usual intern. I intend to walk around in the 37th floor of the Robinson’s Equitable Tower in high heels as I push the boundaries of my theoretical sciences to deliver you only the most glamorous, spectacular and immaculate performance :)


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