Dear Future Offspring,

Internship has been keeping me busy.
So far, I have covered about 24 hours of the 300 hours minimum requirement.
Apparently, having checked Facebook for the first time in three days, someone must have set some contest for the best/worst internship ever.

I really didn’t log in to come join the rat race. But I’ve been learning a lot of things with mine that I’d like to share with you.

That there is something about mornings and your mom that make certain guys sing Bruno Mars’ Just the Way You Are.
That some professionals still aren’t comfortable with their profession.
That some people who puts up an ugly ensemble are pretty smart in real life.
That some people who puts up a pretty and smart ensemble are fugly dumb in real life.
That some people make too much money for too little work.
That some people make too little money for too much work.
That money isn’t everything.
That some people don’t appreciate what they have.
Thankfully, some people do.
That God was obviously not kidding in Genesis 3:17-19.
That when you discover something special, sometimes, you have to hold back from wearing it out to preserve its extraordinary thrill.
That confidential things that keep certain flavor companies exemplary, are meant to stay confidential.

Exhaustion, aching body and all,

PS: YES, THEY LET ME WEAR HEELS. SKIRTS TOO kaya naman wala na talaga akong masasabi pa hihi ♥


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