Just Woke Up

Good morning :)

I haz no work today. In a few, I’ll prolly: pay my tuition/go to the derma/get new retainers/get hand + foot spa + full body massage/get a lomo/blog some more/have dinner with people. So there.

Tapos ayun, I have kwento. I woke up this morning for having dreamt of someone/being with someone. It was an unexpected bittersweet dream that I’d rather not discuss.

Due to the aforementioned dream, it makes me kind of worried that I am starting the day asking myself a stupid question: am I in love?

Yuck, I know, kadiri lang di ba. But then I remembered Roland Barthes. He once said that a lover’s fatal identity is being the one who waits.

So the answer is yes, then? Since I am after all, waiting. On the other hand, the one being waited, I doubt if he ever waits. Unfair lang. Can’t I play the part who doesn’t wait? I try to make myself busy as hell, yet whatever I do, here I am, still waiting.

Oh well haha just trying to get #kadirithoughts outta my head.


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