Proximity Towards the Last Frontier

I’m done with my tuition fee payment :) Ang sarap lang sa heart whenever people in the cashier’s office and OUR (kasi underassessed ako last sem so I had to pass this slip shizzles) say that they miss me, being their RA ♥

Unknown to my beautiful mind (HAHA), college grad pala today.

It somehow made me upset na hindi pa ako kasama sa mga magmmarch today, kasi di ba dapat talaga by now ako gagraduate since 5 years ang Food Tech and all.

Pero you know what’s even more upsetting? It’s when long before you thought you have already convinced yourself that you were already far from the delayed graduation hiatus, pero hindi pa pala.

Like there’s this one time mate popped something over lunch:

I saw Jorem’s pictures sa Facebook, ‘yung gradpics, ang kulit lang. Ikaw ba, kailan gagraduate?

I was supposed to just say, “sa October,” head up high, with conviction. But nooooo, when she asked that, I just tilted my head, then stared blankly at my Oyakudon. *cue depressed and hurting feelings*

Then eto nanaman nga when I passed by the University Theater kanina.

And right now, I just feel disappointed sa sarili ko, that’s all. No, not because delayed ang aking paggraduate, but because I really find the depressed and hurting feelings unnecessary, nonetheless, I can’t help it.

With my internship, the people around me, the stuff they tell me, and the kind of life I live right now, I know I have fired up my way to the future — and really, never before have I made sense with what I have until now. Pero bakit may depressed and hurting feelings pa rin? (YUCK SOBRANG DRAMAAA HAHAHA)

I must move on. I must settle for what I have now and just let things flow and work as I please. I shall not care whether HS or even college (supposedly) batchmates or the general public dismiss me as stuck in this vortex of uncertainty, that is college. For much like graduation, delay is also a beginning of something, and someday, at some point, they too, will meet :)


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