Infinite Affinity

Alam mo ‘yung feeling ko, twins tayo, separated at birth.

My co-intern Alyssa (who I believe has transcended The Tunay Na Kaibigan and deserves something more than that hackneyed label, but that’s another post altogether) is admittedly one of the reasons why I am irrevocably in love with summer internship.

Like her above stated, it is quite uncanny how similar she and I are — our mutual love/hate relationship with the university that bleeds maroon (despite campus differences), quarter-life crises, the amount of theories we believe in, how we’re overprotected and overruled by The Beloved Parents we dare not disobey, TV series, socializing abilities (or lackness thereof), our claims to romantic ignitions and exhaustion over the XY chromosome-carrier species amidst being both single since birth :P, sibling love, BASTAAAA LAHAT!

Ewan ko ba. We seem to always see each other eye-to-eye, more importantly, understand each other even in the most ridiculous of situations. Our talks would range from shallow to the most profound, and everytime, it ends up with us being on exactly the same place — whether happy and contented, confused and conflicted, we’re always on the same page! And that’s more than what you could ask for, really, having already given the chance to play God, with flavors as your eternal subjects.

Wala lang. It’s just funny and ironic and incredible that there are people like her, the universe never cease to intend to put in my life, to reassure me that I’m not as indifferent or apathetic as I am led to believe I am. And I’m grateful :)


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