I think you can tell a lot about what someone finds ideal in a person, referencing what car he/she drives.

(HAHA okaaayyy I know what you’re thinking. YESSS katatapos ko nga lang maglinis ng kotse :)) And I dunno, may ganitong mushy feeling talaga ako on top of pagod after doing so. Siguro kasi I always find cleaning Cupcake a labor of love? hahaha)

Like for example, kung gusto niya maliit or malaki :)) Or kung saan siya comfortable. Or dapat maganda or high maintainance or on the A-list or kahit B-list, or whatever list. Or kahit ano yung available and within reach, kasi sobrang kailangan lang talaga meron :)) Kung mas okay yung madaming accessories ganyan, or palaging malinis. Yung mga ganuuun. Like minsan din, dapat ba laging bago HAHA

Wala lang, for me kasi, Cupcake is the ideal guy I’ve always asked for.

Yung tipong gusto ni daddy for me :))
Yung tipong just enough for my kind of social status.
Yung tipong pogi and awesome enough for bragging rights.
Yung tipong creature who makes me feel confident, and independent, and hot, and infinite, ganyan.

Yung tipong just waiting outside to take you home, or take you to a fancy dinner after a shitty day.
Yung tipong ready to accompany me palagi whenever I feel like going on a mindless road-slash-food trip.
Yung tipong gusto ring kasama ng friends ko :))))
Yung tipong the one who lets me cry.

Yung tipong hindi ako ashamed na makitang kasama ko :))
Yung tipong magttake ng scratches and bumps and dents and pain and everything the world could throw, so that amidst my stupidity, I won’t feel a thing.
Yung tipong I know I deserve.
Yung tipong one thing I know that’s truly my own.

HAHAHAHA haaayyy Cupcake ♥


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