It’s 2:59 AM and I have to leave for work early tomorrow later yet I am still wide awake with a heavy heart, thank you #harapan.


First and foremost, this is a far cry from the consideration of whether or not the RH bill should be legalized. I have long called myself in favor of legalizing the bill, no chance on changing my mind on that one, nor a comprehensive explanation for that neither.

My issue about Harapan (and debates in general), is its premise to beg for the monopoly of an opinion — which makes pahirap to my heart. GAASH which is why I never considered being a lawyer — I cringe at the thought of yelling and shoving my opinion down other people’s throats for a living. WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST HAVE PEACE AND ICE CREAM? haha

But then, naisip ko, okay, peace is good. Ice cream is good also. Pero the story doesn’t end on any of those din naman. We each have our own terms for peace, and even respective choices of flavors + toppings, nonetheless.

Homogeneity? Human beings are far too diverse and complex at that.

Live with it, Janelle. Hindi ka naman Ms. Universe na may karapatang humingi ng world peace :)) Warring discourses are helpful in giving insightful angles at certain issues, further working towards the common good.


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