But I Like “That” Ending Better

Wala lang. Kasi I was watching Gnomeo & Juliet. Long story short, it was an animated adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet wherein Gnomeo and Juliet were garden gnomes, belonging to feuding families — the blue and red. They fall in love despite their warring family backgrounds, yada yada, you know the story. But wait, yung ending kasi iba :(

Well, naintindihan ko naman that such is made for kids, hence, must be packed with moral values and topped with happily ever afters. Kaya lang kasi, alam mo yuuun, tulad nga ng sabi ni statue Shakespeare :)) “…get back together — no, not exactly. She feigns her death. He finds her, thinks her dead, takes his own life. She wakes, finds him dead, takes her life, both dead. Exeunt omnes, the end, curtain!”

YES, I LIKE THE WHOLE DEATH PART BETTER :)) Romeo & Juliet isn’t the greatest love story ever told if it wasn’t a tragedy, isn’t it? HAHA okay so hindi lang yun yung reason, don’t start with me, wala akong alam sa literature :))

But then, all I know is, love isn’t love if it’s not impeded in some way :) What we call a love story, is after all, the story of love’s interruption and delay. EH KASI HELLOOOO HAPPILY EVER AFTER, EH WHAT COMES AFTER THAT? What comes after the victory over the range of obstacles (family, society, shyness, cowardice) to a happy union? WHAT WOULD BE THE ONE THING LEFT FOR THE AUTHOR TO DO? HINDI BA THE END :)) I may not know a lot about love, pero I’m pretty sure that it’s not a static image of continuous perfection — happy love without any movement or action? PFFSH.


BASTA AYOKO TALAGA NG HAPPY ENDINGS FOREVARRR. :)) Take it from the master deceiver himself — Walt Disney :)) I mean duuuhhhh Snow White agreed to be carried off by a man that she had never even had a conversation with (not unless you count squeaky songs about wishing wells). Cinderella married a man who probably just had a massive boner for her after grinding with her on the dance floor all night and got left behind with blue balls. Ariel ran away from home and had a species change to be with a guy she hadn’t even been acquainted with yet. Belle dumped one conceited, self-absorbed hairy suitor for another conceited, self-absorbed suitor — but covered with even more hair, and violent — because he gave her expensive stuff. Jasmine left her cushy palace to be with a smelly man who stole stuff for a living. Aurora danced with a strange man in a forest who told her that they had met in a dream.

In real life there would have been no happily-ever-afters for these girls. Snow White, Cinderella and Ariel would have been the princes’ one-night stands. Belle would have been a battered housewife. Jasmine would have had to support her good-for-nothing bum of a husband. And Aurora would have been raped and murdered (seriously, did no one else find that scene extremely creepy?). In real life, there are no happily ever afters.

In real life, happiness is a choice; a choice that one must work at every single day for the rest of his or her life. SO DON’T GIVE ME THAT CRAP NA MATATAPOS NG MASAYA OKAAAYYY. DEATH IS THE BOMB. It shows how love is all-encompassing at the very least. Saka I think sorrow is a necessary ingredient in living bilang it’s a way of seeing life at the wrong end of the spectrum. Eh di we can be better prepared for life’s realitiessss HAHAHA

HMMM ALTHOUUUGH yung death part ay static ending din naman. ERR OKAY WALA AKONG POINT :))


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