If I like you, that means at least one of these things:

☐ you have little/no interest in liking me back
☐ you make me think amazing thoughts
☐ I am scared of the possibility of us, so I ignore your calls/messages/friend requests/you in general
☐ I write about you in my blog, in the vaguest way possible
☐ I like to drink milk tea and watch the rain and think of you
☐ you are not my type but you bring out the best in me and I find my comfort zone in you
☐ I am an idiot
☐ you are miles away
☐ you used to bully me around
☐ I like your smile
☐ I can’t think/talk/function around you
☐ you are responsible
☐ you think ahead and follow-up
☐ I really have to know what sort of food you like
☐ you have a way with words
☐ let’s take analogue pictures and collect comic books together
☐ I haven’t seen you in a while then you pop up in my dream all of a sudden so I just want to scream out loud but that would be so inconsiderate to everyone else sleeping at this hour of the night

Feel free to check all those that apply.


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