Three, two, one.

Summer is dwindling away. Thank you, somber tones and wet mornings for the heads up.
And where there is bumming, comes sharing.


Three things summer was about:

1. Internship. 300 hours felt like I was just coasting through everything. At first, it was a blast. But as I search for the right turn of phrases to describe it in detail, the whole experience just morphs into the lack of overwhelming feelings, not even emotional sentiments over it. It all played out like a sitcom rerun: clock in and out of the 8 to 5 job, grab a bite, catch up with friends, family time, and shimmy for the church duties in between. The scenes ran smoothly. Strangely, squeezing into the real world of Food Technology felt, normal. Could it be that I am actually meant for it?

2. The New Boyfriend. His name is Sprocky. He is a brick-shaped plastic camera in black. Yea well, my Sprocket Rocket is my new boyfriend, I am in dire need of his presence everywhere I go and he doesn’t complain. I fell for his individuality and sponteneity. Not to mention, he brings out the creativity in me. Most importantly, he does not view my way of dressing-up, an affront to his league.

3. Books. Lots and lots of ’em. Summer after all, to me, does not bring about images of sand between my toes and the glistening sea. Usually, it’s the dread of cougar-age temperature in Celsius, mall trips and the anticipation of driving duties. But since I have already spent three-quarters of my summer working, aside from the occasional errands, my parents fancied that I spend the rest of it mainly on what I’m ashamed to do best: bumming around. Back to books. To tell you honestly, I felt that I was in dire need of a universal whore of language. It’s not really just the work, nor my uneventful life taking me away from blogging — I am afraid that my writing skills have gotten rusty. I needed somebody to take away the idea-coaxing virgin in me and take me all the way into the orgasmic world of coherent forms.


Two things random (not to mention irrelevant):

1. Poor Selena. Poor Selena was trending yesterday (or the other day?) at Twitter. Why? That’s why. Because everybody kept asking why lol. Well Top Tweet says “Poor Selena, she’s famous for dating the guy of the moment, not for her talent” go figure. Okay give Barney’s good ol’ friend a break. HAHA Though to tell you honestly, I feel where the creepy tweens are coming from. Say you find that one guy, one absolutely gorgeous stranger who can put into music the complexities of the sentiments you thought you were going through alone. That genius you’ve never met, whose words sum up the entire spectrum of feelings you’ve attached to parts of yourself no one else knows. In his golden voice, you feel like it’s only you and him engulfed in the music, like a secret only you two share. Oops okay this is way beyond the Biebs. HAHA It’s of course, my one true love I am talking about: JASON MRAZ ♥ I’m not entirely sure. But much like Justin is to his fans, Jason to me is that particular man. Through my roughest times and my best moments, it’s his music I come running home to, after all the tears and the sighs. But that’s the thing: PARE-PAREHO LANG SILANG MGA LALAKE: PAPASAYAHIN KA SA UMPISA TAPOS PAIIYAKIN KA SA HULI. hahaha =)) Still, get a hold of yourself guys, Jason’s engagement to TP is more heartbreaking than Justin’s steamy kisses with Selena, okay? And you don’t see me sending TP death threats. That bitch. Oops!

2. I feel myself, uh, maturing. By maturing, I mean actually accepting things won’t happen. Or at least not anytime soon :)) Or becoming a more responsible older sister, or anak. Okay, stopping stupid thoughts now, I feel a rash starting to spread in my arms :P


One last thing:

1. I miss you. But I’ll deny it if you ask.


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