We all need a bit of drama to keep our lives interesting.

It was 7:13 AM when her mom had just broken off her deep slumber.
“Get up and put on something decent, you’re going to Unilever to attend the supplier’s seminar.”

U2K2: Building A Better Future.

It was Unilever’s latest project, to change their operating system into SAP. Long story short, it was a unified, centralized, and automated planning, trade and financial system. It’s basically like Unilever’s own Gmail. If they fancy an order, they’ll e-mail you, you confirm, print the PO and deliver the item. The main premise of the transition is faster and easier transactions between the suppliers and the company. Not to mention, it was a way of keeping the purchasing department’s credibility — less interaction with the suppliers, less lunch dates, less gifts, less money under the table :P

The only reason she had to keep up with such crap is because her mom and the machines involved have irreconcilable differences. “Sige na, wala naman akong maiintindihan doon. Last time I attended URC’s SAP seminar, I just carried the Macbook for props. Everybody kept asking why I won’t open my laptop, I had to tell them my batteries went dead. PLEASE? I’m going to pay you, and treat you lunch at Mario’s.”

Oh but of course, how could she say no to Mario’s Paella Valenciana?

The seminar turned out to be an orientation, an overview of what’s actually going to happen in a few days time. She needed to come back on the 8th of July for the training. “It was boring and the speakers failed at public speaking, but it wasn’t that bad,” she thought. How could she have thought the other way around? What she did the entire morning after all, was stand beside the banquet table and munch through cheese sticks and those tiny heavenly sandwiches while sipping coffee.

She did her part so next was the time for her to get her reward: lunch at Mario’s. She always loved lavish lunches. May other people regard such as nothing but going for an expensive poop — to her, it was gastronomic journey. Plus she always loved how waiters at high class restaurants were pogi, not to mention they treated her like a princess. (To tell you honestly, she just has this thing for waiters. It’s the irony life — all the guys she eventually fell for, she had to wait for them, so here comes the guys who waited for her orders, the logic is simple.)

She had to do a couple or so e-mailing, and then she was off to Ortigas with her mom, “we have to go to Purefoods, drive me there.”

From Mario’s, she was bound to turn right. On the Google map in her head, she was going to take the Gilmore route. Ah, the route not taken. “Where are you going? Turn left. Take EDSA, traffic na diyan ng ganitong oras,” said her mom.

Errands, lunches, and driving duties (if not school nor church) — it was her usual boring life which nobody ever understood why she kept blogging about, at the end of her uneventful day. Her mom just had to buy an envelope at that Photocopy shop facing the GMA Network Building so she parked Monty at the right side of the road and pressed the hazard button on, all the while to let her mom do her thing. After about 5 minutes, they were good to go.

All else that followed, were then a blur.

All she had to do then was step on the brakes, and shift the gear from P to D, turn the steering wheel for about 80 degrees to the left, then 160 degrees to the right, back on to its normal position while stepping on the gas and that’s how EDSA is traversed.

But that wasn’t what happened. At least, that wasn’t what she did.

She shifted the gear to D and without any sensible reason, she stepped on the gas, stepped on it hard. Monty was accelerating too fast, he was bound to hit the SB coach in front of him. She was on panic mode. She knew that even if she hits the breaks, it would be too late, Monty’s going to crash anyway. But she had to try. At least, she wanted to try.

“These things happen” is the better way to say it. Though the more accurate way to put it, is well, she was out of her conscious mind. She was thinking of something maybe? Lost in the beat of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep maybe? Had too much Toffee Sansrival? She can’t even remember.

For all she could recall, the next thing that followed was a reiteration of a certain van incident in Ateneo, minus a killed 10-year old boy. Something that included a foot that stepped on the gas even harder, a dark gray Montero hitting a yellow SB coach, too much of an impact that which the van in front of it was also hit, and as if not too much of a scene already, the Innova in front of the van was hit too three.

And of all the things she couldn’t remember, was bringing her license that day.

As for the ending of this episode, you can go ask the Kamuning Police Station about it.


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