isang tulog nalang

…pasukan na.

Okay, so I clearly was not kidding when I tweeted earlier that I am romanticizing everything today. WHAT? Everyone’s getting nuts about the opening of classes, why couldn’t I be?

The school bug has finally reached and bitten my comforts of sanity. One last goodnight sleep, and I can kiss summer goodbye. That is, if I get any sleep at all tonight. Time check: 2:53 AM.

There are too many words in my head right now. But to provide some context on my state of mind at this moment, I feel antsy and discontented with my life. WHAAAAT QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS NANAMAAAN :)) I hope not :P

Eh kasi, I was watching The History Boys kanina. Tapos, sobrang ganda.

Somehow, it’s like Dead Poets Society. There’s this grove of smart, repressed, and painfully-charming-in-their-suits (OO MASAKIT TALAGA SA HEART HAHAHA) boys who aspires a bright future. Dito, they were approaching the exit exams that will determine their entrance to either Oxford or Cambridge, whilst battling off raging hormones. They get help from their teachers. One of which, gleefully transmits his enthusiasm for the great works, reeling off lines of poetry for no purpose other than to let them linger prettily in the air — he’s that mentor who urges kids to love learning purely for its own sake, then further pass on. Humor. Wit. Drama. Aforementioned teacher dies and the boys end up empowered and inspired like never before.

Well, there are other points that the movie also tried (oh no wait, suceeded) to tackle: what education is for, and who is truly entitled to it; the philosophical battles between the society-acclaimed wise ones; that once upon a time, long before the ascendancy of social networks and instant messaging, average teenagers casually ran around quoting Larkin, Housman, etc; romanticism is bound to get sacked, but not really — nonetheless, killed towards the end; that great, inspiring people are deemed mad when alive, historic and appreciated when dead; and so on.

Tapos. Before this whole crap turns completely into a cheap attempt of a movie review or what-not, I’m just saying that the movie is very, very timely, that’s all.

Alam mo kasi yung feeling na, back to school, back to feeling like a hamster that’s been running and running and is about to fall off the wheel from sheer exhaustion, but can’t stop because it doesn’t know what else to do?

When life presents me people with passion in life talaga, hay I feel like crap. No, no, wait — I feel like the very crap where crap, craps at.

Siguro I should try it starting this sem no? Live intensely and learn for the pleasure of knowing. Maybe that would bring me joy. There’s only one thing though, mediocrity is my comfort zone.


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