Living Lomo

For a person like me who doesn’t know what to do with her life yet, I do whatever it takes to hold on to things I feel genuinely passionate about. Passion after all, is what keeps people inspired and fueled for life (I think haha). As I may have somewhat lost a few points of self-confidence in mi driving skills due to ze recent 4-vehicle commotion that took place, if there’s anything, anything that I am so desperately in love right now — tis Lomography.

For the record, I have nothing against digital cameras. I find them very convenient nga, sa totoo lang. Carry it everywhere with you, you see something, you take a picture, upload it in your blog, then you have a proof that something happened.

May I also add, I am no photographer. I fail at understanding the relationship between aperture and shutter speed, framing and all, but I have always coveted the camera an object of beauty.

I’ve never given a thought of owning manual cameras, ever. They’re extremely clunky, plus film is expensive. Saka if you have to take a picture of me, MAKE SURE I’M MAGANDA IN IT :)) Eh I’m not naman always maganda :( Take a picture of me for all you like (AS IF MERONG MAY GUSTO HAHAHA), but please, if I look like crap in it, extinguish them before they endanger innocent lives. So yea, I am in deep gratitude for instant viewing and delete options of ze digital cameras :))


Alam mo yung nagiilusyon ako na digital photographer ako, tapos one day he said, “Janelle, bumili ako ng Diana!” Shemps, being the good friend that I am, I said, “WOOOOW! Talaga?” HAHAHAHA SORRY NA KAYYYY. Pero totoo naman, they are no macho SLRs but from the clear glass boxes of Fully Booked, I have always admired those plastic cameras. ANG CUTE KASI! Tapos when you look at the sample pictures, parang hindi ganun ka-thought of yung subjects, but then super amazing ng effect, tapos, no two lomo cameras seem to produce the exact same photographs.

Tapos a few days passed by, Kyle started posting his lomo shots na at Facebook. NAINGGIT AKO :( He took pictures of everything, tapos may cool overlapping images effect (which I later find out as multiple exposure haha), tapos kahit blurry or may light strikes, sobrang breathtaking :( Tapos he pairs them up with words, so perfectly put together. He made Lomography sound so, easy and artistic.

So shemps, dahil nga inggitera ako, BINILI KO SI SPROCKY. HAHAHAHAHA And never have I felt so, alive. CHOOOOS haha

Pero it’s true! Lomo pictures kasi seem to be less about the subject, than the photographer. Parang, it’s a form of self-expression — you take a picture of something to find out what it’s like, photographed. Tapos yun yung thing, hindi mo siya kailangan lagyan ng watermarks or malalanding fontstyle ng pangalan mo, kasi nga, the way lomo works, you put a little of yourself by taking the picture, so even if wala ka sa frame, you really are a part of that picture already. Tapos walang zoom options or anything, so you gather the courage to get closer to something. Though lomo cams may be very moody, and processing takes relatively a long time, wala lang, para sakin ang romantic pakinggan nung whole thing lol.

Kaya naman, I have willed myself to devote to Live, Love + Lomo. haha With that being said, not only will I result to piggies for a living, but my room’s lomo wall will be a monumental figure in analogue history. CHOS! Baka magsawa din ako eventually haha But please, DON’T BOTHER ASKING ME OUT FOR THE NEXT FEW WEEKS for I shall save money like I’ve never saved before. I think I’ll kill myself if I don’t ever get a splitzer and a colorsplash flash by the end of the month :P


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