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If there was some sort of Tweet Cloud generator here in WordPress, and I were to generate what I blogged the most — it’s love.

I romanticize my non-existential affairs with random strangers, fictional characters and non-living things, alike. Not to mention I’ve given (and continue to give HAHA) out countless lectures and (solicited) advice about relationships, the opposite sex, cheating, jealousy, breaking up, and emotional abuse.

I just find it a bit odd, that’s all, how I’m quite adept at this. I’m NBSB :P

I guess there’s always something to say kasi, about love? Whether regarding it’s crappy nature and annoying idiosyncrasies, there’s always something that’s another thing entirely :P

I’m a closet romantic, maybe? So I write about love a lot because I have grandiose expectations of it; yet I have witnessed a lot of people get together and then break apart that I am eventually disillusioned or afraid about the premise of falling in love. I listen and talk and write a lot about it, in my attempt to understand it?

Ah wateber, at least in the furious flurry of my thalamus and the senseless pages of my blog, I know love and how it feels for me :)

Anyway, I just read my sister’s essay. It’s basically about tying the knot — to marry or not to marry. I promised her I won’t judge her work, so I’ll save the gruesome review for later. KIDDING :P I’m actually proud at how she’s able to write down her opinion on an intermediate pad, printed in pretty little words :)

It just came as a surprise that she swore off marrying. Hah, I’m not entirely sure kung impluwensiya ko to haha Sabi niya kasi, the feeling will eventually fade anyway, so what’s the point. Basta parang ganun hahaha Para kasing, sabi niya, feelings are bound to get hurt anyway so she’s better off to settle with less subdued happiness (as old maids are always regarded as sad people haha), as long as it’s not interspersed with bouts of crying, silly spats and fits of jealousy — PREACH, SISTER! :))

Though sabi niya naman kung gusto daw talaga ni God, WHY NOT HAHAHAHA labo pala :)) Still, I’m proud of her kasi, at the very least, she has transcended from seeing Prince Charming as her proverbial life hero ;)

Wala lang, I just had to let those out :P  Sleep na meee kasi antok na ko. lol.


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