The Game of Thrones season finale was a bit of a let down.

Well, okay. It probably did set the stage for a game(?)-changing season two.

But come on, let’s face it, it didn’t exactly top off the horror of episode 9 — Lord Stark’s head being chopped off (not to mention the waaay more gory look of the bloody sword, the severed head, the decapitated body, Sansa collapsing) and the sword master grabbing Arya, slicing off her hair and calling her “boy,” in full mock anger helpfulness for her to live.

The last episode just seemed to reignite the gross and disturbing YET UNPARALLELED AWESOMENESS of episode 9, in a so-so way. Tapos eto pa yung thing! Drago, the world’s greatest warrior, was brought down by an infected cut? TAPOS WHAT IS UP WITH THE WITCH PERSON? Are they trying to tell us not to save a woman being raped because they may have already been raped a few times already and will hold it against you?

Peroooo! I think we could all agree on Khaleesi, being SHE ALREADY (siya na)! HAHAHA

Just when you thought Dany was just some bullied sister, sold to be a raped off virginal wife, she suddenly transforms into a fierce princess who gets her brother crowned by a freshly molten gold (which I believe was over relatively quickly because, I’m assuming the molten gold flowed into his eye sockets and reached his brain), and later on, walks straight into a blazing fire and the next morning sits nude, shell shocked, and unharmed (EVEN HER HAIR IS STILL PERFECTLY BLOND!) in smoldering embers.

Best part was how a small red dragon crawls over her shoulder, letting it be known to mankind that SHE IS THE DRAGON PRINCESS! And just so you don’t know, dragons were said to be the most powerful things in the world. Forget that she has 3 of them — they bow down to her, princess nga eh! DI BA, SHE ALREADY!!!

HAAAAY Game of Thrones! Anyway, I’d do an extensive summary/review of the first season, but I miserably fail at doing so, like now :))

But, if there’s anything, anything that I learned from Game of Thrones season 1:

1. “There is one thing we say to death — not today” (Sword Master)
2. There are possibly three types of women: a) the prostitute friends b) ladies c) Cersei. (I’m rooting with b but I feel it a gargantuan effort to keep up with the wisdom, knowledge, strategic planning skills, and hairstyles.)

PS: There, there Robb, okay lang yan. HINDI AKO HUGGER PERO IHHUG KITAAAAA hahahahaa KILL THEM ALL — no wait, as Lady Catelyn said, “take their women and kill them all” WHATEVER! AS LONG AS KILLING IS A PART OF THE PLAN SOMEWHERE! :)))


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