and she was one of the many who looked forward to its end

As much as I am rooting for making this Monday the most useless day of the week, I have decided this to be the day I seek wisdom from thy adviser, pertaining to a certain maroon leather encasement with mi name emblazoned in gold letters. (Although not completely slash one-hundred-percent that way — I also plan on meeting up with friends, having mi film rolls processed, typing up pointless anecdotes in this blog, but you get the picture.)

Thesis. I’m not actually worrying about it, (since I still have next sem by my side :P) but how could I not concern myself about it? Despite 199’s attempt to provide a head start, there’s no point in denying that I am still at a loss with where to start, and even how. Okay, now a series of sensations come crawling up mi spine — hesitation, then fear, and finally excitement. I.AM.SO.CLOSE.

Let this be a countdown to that glorious day, this bachelorette finally gets hold of her Bachelor.


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