The Ruthless Devil of Scholarly Endeavors

Time was of the essence and she had to think, read, and solve fast. It was already 10 in the evening, and not to review was a threat to her PhyChem career (or what is left of it).

“You have been productive for the day, now, you deserve a break,” chorused Sloth and Sleeplessness. “No, I can’t! I have to be exempted from taking the finals, or pass the 1st exam at the very least” she said. “Darling, you should not resist us.”

Suddenly, the enormous number of electron materials in her bed sprang into mid-air and created magnetic fields, thereby pairing up with her body’s magnetic moments — clinging in maximum strength. “Nnnoooooo!” she let out a silent scream as she was pulled on to her pensive pillow. She wanted to cry “Stop” but her eyelids were already glued together, and her lips only allowed open for snores. Despite her protests, her consciousness was compelled to sweet slumber.

Soon, it was 7am and her alarm clock beckoned. All the while, the Evil Couch of Sloth, whispered soothly, but in supreme command, “See, it was not that bad, a few minutes more!” It was very bad.

“Very, very bad.” mocked The Thermodynamic Entities as she stared obliviously in her exam paper.


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