Nonsensical Numbers

One hell of a graduation.
She saw The Deathly Hallows Two last monday. With a tall steamy cup of non-fat caramel macchiato with sugar-free vanilla on one hand, and a slightly damp white handkerchief on the other — everything just felt, surreal. No, she wasn’t one of those who was lined-up at midnight for the film premiere — but she was always an impassioned, impassioned fan of the book, of the stories, and most importantly of the magic. If the Harry Potter merchandise is currently being named after a generation, consider her belonging to such. And if Deathly Hallows was the call to the end of it, then the huge chapters of her childhood had been closed since 2007, as she bawled her eyes with JK Rowling’s final words: “The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well.” The subconscious drizzle from her eyes last monday was no more than the final reaffirmation to it. Seeing the story unfold in front of her — the epic narrative she just basically grew together with — it just taunts. “This is it, it’s like the universe is frantically pushing me out of my safety bubble.” she thought to herself.

Two vehicles colliding along CP Garcia.

It appears that at July 19, 2011 around 11:45 am, herein vehicles involved were moving along CP Garcia Avenue on eastward direction, Quezon City. Reaching the reported place of occurence, herein vehicle no.1 sedan (dark gray 1.6v Toyota Altis 2008 model) veer to change lane on her left and while on the process, its rear left portion was hit by the front right edge portion of vehicle no. 2 truck (Hyundai HD19T Boom Truck) which was then moving on the left side of herein vehicle no. 1. As a result, vehicles involve incurred undetermine amount of damage at their points of contact.

– SPO2 Bumanglag, Case Investigator

Three more weeks is a lifetime.
And all she could do is wait. But when it just feels oh so damn depressing, she’d always use Google Maps to visit. From her MBP Window to some window of a living room at the other side of the world, she would wave and wave hello.

Four days until the dreadful day.
She is turning twenty-one in four days and there are one hundred sixty-seven thousand, eight hundred thirty-nine things that she has to do or have not done. Days to experience. Weariness to lose. Frustrations to let go of. Only to chase after with a force that is full and haunting.


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