cos we’re such sweet friends like that. HAHA

Ayan, pardon my braso :)) This picture is taken by Harold sa Banapple Too! last, uhm, year? HAHA Because I’m feeling extremely mushy today, like I usually do, most of the time, yes. HAHAHA

We haz no “group name” or whatsoever. Although other people call us The Awesome Trio — which isn’t exactly wrong, really. CHOS hahahahaha WALA LANG I MISS THEEEM! It’s such a shame that we don’t get to hang out more often :( Pero yknow what’s so awesome about us? HAHAHA It’s that no amount of time or distance, that constantly separates us, could ever, ever get in the way with us reconnecting. A lot has changed back from 5 years ago — when we used to be young and innocent and with the unfathomable desire to shift out of SocSci :)) — yet nothing really do. I mean, alam mo yung feeling kapag we reunite — that comforting kind of sameness just being with them again :)

AY WAIT. HINDI KO PALA SILA NAPAKILALA HOW VERY RUDE OF ME =)) The delight in the middle, Pau and I have been dying to feast on, is Franky Franks Franks and the PMAer haha sa rightmost is Pauie Pau Pau (BIRTHDAY NIYA TODAY HEE HEE ♥ I nobela texted her already eh, how so happy I am na pinanganak siya years before at the exact same day. I’d share it with you, but that would be completely disrespectful to Pau, kasi nga para sa kanya lang yun :P)

They made a birthday video for me, nung uhm, birthday ko haha Which was very sweet hihi Worried kasi sila sa aking birthday crises ganyan HAHAHA saka shemps yknowww they love me like that ♥ HAHAHAHAHA Coincidentally, I didn’t experience even one this year (birthday crisis, I mean). chos! Pero totoo. Well, not entirely true :P Kasi, I know that it wasn’t just coincidental. Yung existence kasi ni Pau at Franks sa aking buhay (iiyak na *singhot* chos hahahaha), is quite a factor :D Alam mo yung I just turned 21, and ayan Pau turned 22 today, si Franks matagal pa birthday =)))) we’re not exactly of the same ages pero it’s just pretty cool how we’re all growing up at the same time :) To quote Franks sa kanyang FB wallpost sa akin :)) “Talagang nag-mature na nga tayo ;)

Our lives are barely beginning, but yea, it feels more than enough that we’re in it together ♥


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