8 months na pala this blog :D

Since yesterday :D Kasi di ba I started ng January 1 :P EIGHT MONTHS. I feel like I should go and do something to celebrate — give away iPads to random fans/buy my own domain/have all my entries published in a book — unfortunately, wala akong funds to do that HAHAHA

Still, I can’t help but feel proud :D Alam mo yung feeling na, ME ALREADYYYY HAHAHA I mean, yes, this is the only consistent form of writing I have =)) Not everything pa was created profound or coherent — for the most part, everything is just the clumsy little things in my head :))

But for what it’s worth, this blog has been my safety friend — whom I could tell things I’ve been embarrassed/afraid to tell anyone else viz. profound/personal/current/downright mundane/catty thoughts :)) This blog has been my shock absorber — when things are too heavy for me to carry around, I could always unload here and let everything/parts out. This blog has been (for the longest time, without deactivating/deleting haha) my tiny little world of words and lines and lyrics and photography, even for a tiny little while I can run to, when I’m tired of being logical and systematic, when I wish I was doing something else but calculating and conducting experiments.


For all intents and purposes, it won’t end here just yet ^_^


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