Beauty products and makeovers isn’t exactly in my language. But nail polish? Now that’s a poem I love reciting at least once a week.

Okay, it’s not exactly a crazy kind of love — YET haha But yea, I do get my toenails done regularly. After all, fugly toes is a crime against humanity :P As for my fingernails — BAWAL EH UGH. But it’s cool, I just keep ’em short and clean most of the time, aaand get them painted on special occassions :))

See, pedicure can sometimes feel like a total makeover — how the right shade can instantly cheer you up, how a good color can inspire you to put together a new outfit, how it would still make you look fab even if you gain pounds, and eyebags, and pimples from an intoxicating week of caffeine and midterms.

Kaya naman, while other people have better things to do on a Sunday night, like go to the movies and have fancy dinners and be in love, I headed to The Nail Lounge, sat perfectly on a purple couch and read The Scarlett Letter, while this nice plumpish lady in purple scrub suit and white crocs attacked my dry skin, and sore foot muscles.

Now I have a pair of very happy feet! :))


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