The last week, mi study table looked mostly like this:

But as I have survived the hell week, it now resembles this particular image:

HAHAHAHA may pinagkaiba ba :)) Pagkain lang no :)) I guess it’s going to stay that way for a while. Wit lotsa papers, reference books, mi MBP, and opkors, Asia! Mi study buddy through thick and thin!

But pa siya namayat. Observe the second photo. WALA NA SIYANG LAMAN HAHAHA cos yea, next to boylets, I have this habit of losing ballpens CHOOOS hahaha

Anyway. As the ghost of hell week’s past still looms amongst my study table, there are still too many things that needs to be done. And yea, today is one of those days that makes me wish I had 10 pairs of hands and 5 heads. And that juggling act becomes even harder when all you want to do is watch Chuck.

So as I wish to get everything done and keep my sanity at that, some things must be sacrificed. Like mi diet. HAHAHA So I drove to KFC Matalino right after AnalChem Lab kanina.

Hay KFC. I loooove KFC! If we put a mirror beside KFC and reflect what it really is, comes the letters CFK — Comfort Food Ko! HAHAHAHAHA

1. YES. FASTFOOD IS MY COMFORT FOOD. Sometimes it’s Mcdo’s Chicken Nuggets. But I already found the best Chicken Nuggets which is Bounty Fresh’s in S&R, plus, sobrang hassle ng parking sa Mcdo Matalino, aaand Mcdo Katip is out of the question na kasiii tis traffic na there at this time. See, it isn’t very comforting isn’t it, kapag kailangan mo pang maghintay ng matagal for your food?

2. I LOOOOVE THEIR MUSHROOM SOUP. I couldn’t exactly describe why though. I just really, really have this strong attachment to that soup.

3. TIS CHEAP! I paid only 74 pesos for that meal. DI BAAA :D Cos it isn’t very comforting either that yer ipon gets hurt for good food :)) Ya. Eh kasi muntik pa akong mapaCrazy Katsu which would make me gastos more than a hundred. KASO ALAM MO YUNG PAG-UWI MO UMORDER PALA SILA NG PIZZA PARANG HRRRRRGH SAYANG PERA hahahaha

But owel.


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