Press-ing Matters

Sooooo, yesterday was Monday and today is Tuesday :)) Ayun, kasi, Monday is I am mommy’s serf day AKA errand day! But ever since that Montero-bumping-3-cars incident :)) Mommy haz lost faith in mi driving skills =)) So I haven’t been much of a help din.

Like yesterday. She had this meeting with Nestle’s CEO shizzles. Yknow what my part was? To wait for her sa Rockwell :))) Which I must say is a win-win situation. HAHAHA

I loooove Rockwell! Sobrang ganda ng stocks nila doon. Plus there’s the ambiance. The Cake Club. And most importantly, the 4th floor!

What’s in the 4th floor? My favoritest cinema evarrr. Cibo Bimbi :)) Digital Hubs. Muji :> And opkors, sandwiched between my two beloved breads, Fully Booked and Oliver’s Super Sandwiches is


Miloooves Press! Everytime I go to Rockwell, I always make it a point to visit Press. Well actually ganito kasi :)) Everytime I go somewhere na may Fully Booked, I always make it a point to stick my nose into that bookstore :)) Well, BHS’s Fully Booked is my favorite branch. Imagine, 5 floors with Starbucks and White Hat inside + they carry Lomos! So yea, I wouldn’t mind expiring there :)) Pero, Rockwell’s would always come close. Even if they don’t carry Lomos, and out of stock na sila ng Kooky Clipper Pens, eh kasiii, Press cafe is technically inside it :))

Kasiii yknow naman me di ba :)) Next to Spajetti: Funny name, serious pasta — mi future Italian pasteria hahaha, imma set-up Lib, Love + Lomo! Which will technically be a bookstore-slash-comic-book-consignement-hub + mi very own Lomo Gallery with this awesome, awesome cafe inside. hihi

Pero what is it about Press that if I only haz 500 pesos in mi purse, I’d rather have Press over The Cake Club?

Is it

…the cool vibe?

…the even cooler floor?

Yes to both that. Pero the exact correct answer would be:

THE.BEST.CARBONARA.EVARRRR! (well, before Spajetti. hahaha)

Please don’t mind the cheesesticks. It wasn’t masarap. AT.ALL. It was too salty. Our frozen Mozarella Sticks are even better. Ze Salsa sucks also. The one from Unilever I buy at S&R is waaay better. Mi 170 pesos felt cheated. I should have bought the awesome, awesome Super Moist Chocolate Cake at The Cake Club instead.

ANYWAAAAY. It really is the best Carbonara I know. I’ve tried so many Carbonaras na, but nothing ever comes close to Press’s. Saka, I’ll let you in on a secret: I dunno how to make Carbonara — good Carbonara that is. If I wanted to impress you, I would drive straight to Rockwell, wait for it to open, buy you Carbonara, transfer it to a plastic baunan, and hand it to you with a handwritten note. Yea, cos I’m a cheater like that. HAHA

The previous New Yearsss, before US happened, mi cousins and I have this tradition of cooking when the clock strikes midnight :)) Pero shemps hindi masyadong edible ang mga kinalalabasan, most of the time =)) Nagppretend lang sila na masarap :)) Oooor depende, if they watched over us, they would say na successful yung niluto namin all because of their supervision :/

Pero ayun nga. Still standing, we/I haven’t found yet the recipe for the perfectest Carbonara. Hrm, if only I could get my hands on Press’s…


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