Yesterdaaay, we went in to see Conan, the Barbarian. It was cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. Well, that is if you could take cut off noses, head-smashings, and casual blood lettings — ain’t no pretty sights alright. But gory violence? Now, that’s what we call barbaric :)) Although yea, the storyline was quite underdeveloped, the plot was quite shoddy too. Pero kasi, the visual effects, the ear-shattering sound effects, and the exaggerated revolts — yea, I just enjoyed the movie that way :))

Anywaaay. At first we were torn, Smurfs or Conan? HAHA WHAAAT I have a strong attachment to the Smurfs :P Opkors, I was curious at some point — what kind of movie can they possibly make for The Smurfs? Pero I’ve been hearing all sorts of bad reviews for it lately. Like this friend told me: “UGH. Total disappointment. It’s like a Chipmunks movie with little blue people instead of squirrels.” So yea, Conan it is :)) (Well, my sister also did consider Crazy, Stupid Love. But I already saw it last Thursday at Eastwood. WHEN DID RYAN GOSLING GET UBER HOT, HOT, HOT?)

On the way to the cinema (we watched at The Promenade btw :D), I asked mi la sorella, “Are we getting Happy Lemon?” Op kors we were! What was I thinking asking that stupid question? So I bought 2 perfect large cups of Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese. Tapos, AY WAIIIT I HAVE KWENTO HAHAHAHA

Eh kasi ganito. Yesterday there was this swarm of Xavier boys sa Happy Lemon. Can I just say? DALAWA LANG NAMAN YUNG BUMIBILI NG DRINK =)) Aaand isa lang yung gwapo haha. Pero anywaaay, ayun nga. Tapos, 2 malanding girls entered. And no holds barred when I judge them dressed to impress. TOTOO NAMAN EH. They were wearing mini skirts + form fitting shirts plus, this other girl, may small hat pa sa ulo MUNGTANGA LANG HAHAHA SORRY HAAA.

Anyway ayun nga. Eh kasi okay lang naman lol. Kaya lang, sana ATE NAGMAMALANDI KA, PANGATAWANAN MO NA OKAAAY AYAN NA BOYS OH :))) But nooo, pagpasok nila sa store, the mas malanding girl (yung nakamini hat pa), she hid behind her friend, tapos alam mo yung mukha niya, talagang at a shock sa amount of boys na nasa harapan niya :)) Then she said, “OMG. OMG. OMG. Mamaya nalang tayo bumili, please?” HAHAHAHAHA SORRY SOBRANG LAUGHTRIP TALAGA =))))

There, there sweetheart. I’ve had one of those days too =)) Plus, we all know how these exclusive school boys can be so intimidating.


I remember when I was still interning at Giv. I was developing sports drink then. That time, I was bottling them na, they were going to be sent for presentation na eh. Eh kasi I panicked. Shemps, when yer developing, you start out with the smaller batches. Then quite bigger na, kasi like, usually, 10 bottles yung kailangan for presentation. So there. Eh mej hindi naman additive or ratio and proportion yung effects lagi. So that time, I panicked (think Gatorade Orange, that was what they were that time haha sorry but I really can’t give exact details eh :P), I said, “Sir WAIT. This is so wrong, parang masyadong matapang yung kulay.”

As my corniest-but-I-always-appreciate-corny-kasi-I think-it’s-sweet-that-they-always-strike-an-attempt-to-make-me-laugh boss responded, “Oh talaga, eh lumayo layo ka na jan, delikado. Matapang pala eh.”

Pero yun nga, when I bottled them individually na, okay lang pala. It looked matapang kasi it was madami. So I reported that to my boss and then he said, “parang mga lalake lang yan, matapang lang kapag madami sila” :>


As we sat inside the cinema, and put on our 3D glasses, and waited for the movie to become interesting, my sister suddenly said, “Why don’t they have Happy Lemon inside Fully Booked BHS? We should tell Chris Tiu to open a branch inside Fully Booked BHS. That would benta.”

Then I said, “Yea, but that would kill Starbucks there.”

“Pero isn’t that basically the Happy Lemon big idea? To kill off Starbucks? Come to think of it, lahat ng branch ng Happy Lemon, tinabihan ang Starbucks.”

And with that being heard, I thought:

1. Oo nga no. My sister is right. Happy Lemon only has two branches here in the Philippines — Greenhills and Eastwood — and they’re both beside Starbucks. And milk teas are after all made, for a healthier alternative to coffeeshop-is-my-lifestyle generation.



b. I never, never, never can afford all the things I want in it — which basically is, everything.

c. You think geeks/nerds are sloppy? Oh, YOU SHOULD GO TO THIS BRANCH and die out of insecurity.

d. They don’t have Fritz the Blitz YET.

e. On that branch, inside that building — the possibility of you and me is the distance between the 5th floor and the basement. DAMN.THAT.SPACE.


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