Good morning, Chemical Kinetics!

I have two negative days in front of me: wednesday and saturday. See also: exams. I already began studying last friday, and I know it’s kadiri but I think I might need to work extra harder this sem because I know that I can do better than treses. And technically, it is my last sem to prove that. And no, I am not stressing myself out, I am just reminding myself that yes, I can do better than mediocrity.

Anyway, I am doing good so far. Although right now, I am grinding my teeth on catalysis and its plots whilst having the brightest (or saddest) of all epiphanies.

Wala lang, say a plot would be called after me, you know what it would look like? It’s that really, really confused line approaching a blank space where eventually molds would stick and dust would gather.

I’m sorry. I am aware of how problematic and dysfunctional I sound right now. And no, this is not me, going through quarter-life crisis again. I’m alright. I’m used to getting just okay with what I do even though I know that still, it’s not what I’ve always wanted to do, but hey, I still haven’t figured it out yet anyway.

It just really gets frustrating sometimes because everyone’s doing really well and I’m just tagging behind. But I guess it happens. I’ll just keep in mind that some enzyme would soon penetrate my system to some rapid forwarding towards relief or inner peace of some sort :P But yea, I am alright :)


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