Mom and Tina’s is open na sa Katip :D

Mom and Tina’s is one of those feel good places where you can have good desserts and home-cooked comfort food within doll-house-inspired interiors. I think the first ever branch is the one along C-5 which I always visit for some good vibes after a strenuous drive in the south.

They have really tasty Paella :) And good Lasagna and Baked Chicken Macaroni. And smooth and addicting Chicken Alexander. And AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Tortes.

Favorite ko yung White Toblerone Torte :) But the dark variant is really good also. I always get daddy the sugar-free Mango Walnut Torte ‘cos yknow, he’s diabetic. HAHA It’s his favorite, consequently =)) He feels that I love him whenever I get him that. (Ehem, good girl points =)))

Fettuccine with Seafood and Sundried Tomato Pesto is a NO-NO and the baked goods as well as the coffees are so-so.

Long story short, they have this new branch sa Katip :D And I don’t have pictures. HAHA

We visited last saturday. It was significantly smaller. But food tastes the same, vibe is as well (unless of course, you are claustrophobic). It’s in that awesome awesome new building along Katipunan, with BonChon, Red Mango, Brothers Burgers, and Saint’s Alp (which BTW have really tasty milk teas — headache inducing tasty that is, plus they call their gulamans agar, which technically is correct but then reminds me of nursing microorganisms so WTH) in it. Only two awesomes kasi parking is as hard as rocks and pebbles and crag and boulders :P

All in all I am just wasting my time :)) Now, to get back on studying… :/


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