of endings.

She rarely gets sentimental whenever she reads novels with sappy happy endings.

Like, when the boy leaves the girl and she weeps and he comes back and holds her. When they already went their own separate ways and they realize how sad their lives will be with the other gone and they find each other in a crowded place. When they pretend to like some other person but kisses each other under the secret of the stars. When they’d take a bullet for the other. When they’d cross seven seas for the other. When they’d trade everything they have, even their lives, for just a single day with one person.

Nah, she’s just not that kind of girl who needs that kind of someone. Not someone who will come back to her after walking away, nor someone who will recognize her face in a sea of people even after years of not seeing each other, not even someone who will take every risk in exchange of the sight of her beside his bed every time the sun goes up. That would be asking too much.


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