At an acoustic concert at the big dome, Jason Mraz sees her in the 2nd row of the audience patron section, asks Toca Rivera to bring her up on stage, and from then on, proposes marriage.

“And I’ve, well I’ve seen a thousand things in one place
But I stopped my counting when I saw your face
Erasing memory, well I feel as though I’ve never seen a face before
Until I saw your eyes
And they’re smiling back at me through my tears
I’ve been counting all these years, oh
Suddenly the thousand things I’ve seen were nothing more than dreams of
Of you and me
You and me…”

She cries happy tears and says yes.

The word goes around very fast. By the time she got home, tabloids have already circulated stories about her private life. All the more, her name was listed at the top of Twitter’s Trending Topics Worldwide as angry female fans pours the social network alleged death threats — with #1 tweet listed from this girl, TP — altogether cursing her in all forms and languages.

Tearily, she tries to report these things to Jason, but his manager informs her that he cannot be disturbed. He is on closed rehearsals for his upcoming Taipei concert. She has to get in line, after his accountant and the reporter from the Rolling Stones.


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