what’s fo lunch

home-made pesto ♥

In which I tell you what I am up to today, it is when I will exhibit a very efficient skill I call procrastinating. I’ll just be home all day today, finding solace in my home-made pesto and the Star Wars enterprise. And in this horrible feeling of isolation, I actually do find peace — happiness even. With all the responsibilities I have of the moment, solitude actually feels deliciously good.

In which I tell you what I have been up to lately, to give justice to my apparent lack of updates in this blog — A LOT. And the aforementioned statement actually doesn’t cater to College, The Bitch (and thy hell week) being concerned alone. Really, a lot. (And what makes things even more complicated and difficult and messy and confusing are the distractions — or maybe just one.)

There’s just so much to do and I guess today is the single day I can actually afford not knowing what to do first.

But details and more soon. After all, this break is too short to be dedicated to blogging a whirlwind of strange and shallow frustrations ;P


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