Stabbed by stress, she bleeds maroon.

And as her blog remained stagnant due to the unending bulk of workload she possessed, alas, she had once again arrived at this time — where everything feels like they weigh ten times more than they should, where she finds trouble keeping up her defenses as the presence of figurative storms rain on her parade, making minutes appear to diminish exponentially as they go by — that words force themselves out.

I’m so tired. She thought to herself. Being occupied with so many things is a kind of pain she has gotten used to, but this feeling of weariness taking up her mental state — trickling down on everything else, plays within her a vicious cycle of feeling bad and getting exhausted.

She tries to wash away the wretched hovel of misery, with a swig of coffee and an aspirin. From where she swallowed the pill and took down sips, her face lying upon the scattered pieces of glossy photo paper greeted her hello. She was disarmed for a while because there’s this one where she wasn’t at her best angle and four of which were nonetheless the headache-inducing, look-I-am-wearing-a-placemat-beneath-an-Alibata-sash shots.

But from where she sat, for the split second she is entitled for rest in the middle of the combat zone, these photos looked worthy of every machine gun of scientific journals, and exams, and formal reports, and victories and failures and wounds. Her contact prints landed on her table that day, reminding her that she is getting nearer to yet another end — and come such departure, the strongest evidence of her well-toned mental capacity.

The intensity of her fragility stabilizes now. It is the epiphanies like these that keep her together, and she found one in this shot where she wore jet black curly extensions.

Hairdresser: Ay I lovet! Pang-Ms. Universe! So here’s your question Ms. Stressica, if the one you love is an atheist, would you marry him?
Stressica: No. I’d like him to worship me, thank you! *smiles widely and waves in a circular manner*
Hairdresser: WINNERRRRR! Taga-UP ka nga talaga!


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